dr Madhurya Chandel

Zakład Materiałów Ceramicznych i Polimerowych
Gmach Aerodynamiki (MEiL), ul. Nowowiejska 24, pok. 221


  • Ph.D. degree: Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani (India), 2020
  • Master degree: Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat (India), 2015

International scholarships

  • Selected for 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 

Scientific activities

I am working on a real-life problem which is helpful for mankind and inspire by Nature. During my Ph.D., I have worked on synthesis methodology for different types of 2D nanomaterials and used them as Multifunctional applications. I have also used Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations to understand the theoretical aspects of synthesized nanomaterials.


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  2. Madhurya Chandel, Priyanka Makkar, Barun Kumar Ghosh, Debabrata Moitra, and Narendra Nath Ghosh. "A facile synthesis methodology for preparation of Ag–Ni-reduced graphene oxide: a magnetically separable versatile nanocatalyst for multiple organic reactions and density functional study of its electronic structures." RSC Advances 8, no. 66 (2018): 37774-37788.
  3. Madhurya Chandel, Debabrata Moitra, Priyanka Makkar, Harshit Sinha, Harshdeep Singh Hora, and Narendra Nath Ghosh. "Synthesis of multifunctional CuFe2O4–reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite: an efficient magnetically separable catalyst as well as high performance supercapacitor and first-principles calculations of its electronic structures." RSC Advances 8, no. 49 (2018): 27725-27739.
  4. Priyanka Makkar, Madhurya Chandel, Manoj Kumar Patra, and Narendra Nath Ghosh. "A “one-pot” route for the synthesis of snowflake-like Dendritic CoNi alloy-reduced graphene oxide-based multifunctional nanocomposites: An efficient magnetically separable versatile catalyst and electrode material for high-performance supercapacitors." ACS Omega 4, no. 24 (2019): 20672-20689.